Make a Mobile Connection with Local Customers

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Make a Mobile Connection with Local Customers

Mobile marketing is essential for connecting seamlessly with customers across all devices. It is common for users to switch from their computer to their smartphone to a tablet and back again. You need to be able to provide information in a way that is easy for them to access and read, regardless of what type of device they are using. This includes tweaking your social media pages to make sure they are mobile friendly. By doing so, you will appeal to a larger audience and improve your organic marketing.

This concept is particularly important when it comes to social media. The major social platforms have a high percentage of mobile users with 92 percent of Pinterest, 86 percent of Twitter, 68 percent of Facebook, and 46 percent of Tumblr users being mobile. Fortunately, there are clear ways to adjust your mobile marketing efforts to ensure that your paid and organic marketing has the maximum impact.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing continues to improve with Facebook ads being extremely effective on a mobile device. They appear in a persons’ news feed so that your ad is seen in between vacation shots and status updates. Additionally, you can use Facebook tabs to make it easy for users to navigate through your profile once they have landed there.

Geo-targeting for Mobile

Smartphones provide an even greater opportunity to improve mobile marketing results because you can have specific ads run based on a user’s physical location. Social media sites like Foursquare are successfully using this strategy, and it enables you to reach people that are close enough to walk into your store and make a buying decision.

Create a Mobile Friendly Blog and Website

This is an essential part of effective mobile marketing. Your blog and website need to be easy to read if you want to improve your organic marketing on mobile platforms. Even if you run a paid ad that someone clicks on, it won’t help if they cannot read or navigate through your website.
Avoid message fatigue by tailoring your message.

Push notifications are extremely popular with mobile devices, and while this is good for mobile marketing, it can create message fatigue. Make sure that you are not pushing out the same message across all of your social media platforms at the same time. If you do, mobile users may receive the same notification multiple times which will cause them to tune you out.

Use Google+ Marketing

Claim your Google+ local page so that mobile users can find you when doing a search for a business nearby. This is an excellent tool for improving organic marketing as it doesn’t cost you a thing and you can become listed in the Google business directory to show up on a local map search.

Improve your mobile marketing efforts by ensuring that your business and your website is mobile friendly. This needs to include all of your social media profiles so that users can easily find what they need and connect with you, regardless of which device they are using.