Local Business Directories are Not a Thing of the Past

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Local Business Directories are Not a Thing of the Past

Google marketing continues to dominate as the majority of online searches are done through their search engine. However, when it comes to mobile marketing, Google has increasingly lost market share to companies like Yelp that are able to provide consumers with data directly through their mobile apps. With over fifty percent of the U.S. adult population owning smartphones, mobile app are playing a bigger role in how people access information.

As a business, it is important to reach customers through mobile search and mobile apps to ensure that you can capture as much market share as possible. Local business listings are an excellent way to do so.

Local Business Listings Are Mobile Friendly

You may be familiar with how local business listings show up on a Google search. When a user types in a local search, businesses that are listed will come up next to the map along with their basic contact information. This is a free form of Google marketing and can be used in conjunction with paid ads and organic marketing. On a mobile device, local business listings can be even more effective because it allows the user to click on the telephone number for a direct connection or on the address for real time directions. This is an important mobile marketing tool for local businesses trying to reach consumers with an immediate need.

Advertising Growth in Mobile Apps

Advertising through mobile apps is important as they continue to take more market share from Google. For example, in 2012 Google had 82.8% of mobile marketing revenue. In 2014, that percentage has shrunk to 65.7%. Companies that have diversified will benefit from this trends and have the ability attract consumers from mobile apps that their competition isn’t advertising on. Yelp and Foursquare are two of the platforms your business should be using. Consider who your target customer is and the type of apps they may be using then find out how you can advertise there.

Google Maps App

The Google Maps app is also an effective tool for reaching consumers. Google Maps is the most downloaded app of all time, and when you are listed on their local business directories, your information will show up here at no additional charge. This is another way to reach people that are on the go and need to locate something quickly. When it comes to Google marketing, this is a free tool that all businesses should be taking advantage of and can provide users with information on your services, how to contact you, and even reviews. This is an excellent opportunity to attract new customers so take advantage of it.