Google+ Post Ads Spread Content to Engage More Customers

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Google+ Post Ads Spread Content to Engage More Customers

Improve your Google marketing and social media strategy by running Google’s +Posts Ads. Businesses with a Google+ profile and more than one thousand followers have the ability to run these ads across the Google Display Network. Instead of simply having your Google+ content show up on the social media site’s news stream, your social media content can be pushed across the network and onto third party websites. To make it even easier, the ads can be controlled from your existing AdWords account.

One of the distinct advantages that +Post Ads have is the ability to integrate advertising and social media. For example, if your company sells shoes and the +Post Ad shows up on a website about fashion design, viewers can hit the +1 and share buttons on the ad to share it on their social media page and with their friends. This is an amazing integration and has the ability to help your ad to spread organically. Users can also click through the ad to your website.

In order to get the most out of your Google marketing and +Post ads, it is important to optimize your Google+ content with compelling images, video, a call to action, and bold fonts. Statistically, shorter +Post Ads with a link have a higher click through ratio than long ones. This is similar to having a “read more” button on your website.

Businesses that have used +Post Ads have seen an increase of 50 percent in user engagement than when using traditional advertising. These phenomenal results definitely make getting over 1,000 followers worth it. One of the reasons that the ads are so successful is that they allow viewers to interact with a brand. Instead of simply viewing an ad, users can watch a video, comment on it, share with friends, and even join hangouts. They feel less like an advertisement and more like a social media experience.

Launching Your +Post Ad

1. Create a new AdWords campaign. The new campaign should be for “Display Network Only – Engagement”. Set your location, budget, and the device type you want the ads to show up on.

2. Create your ad group. Select the target settings you want to improve your Google marketing results.

3. Create your ad. Select the +Post Ad template in the “choose a template” section. Type in the Google+ URL you want to promote and select your ad from your most recent Google+ posts. It’s that easy.

4. Save the ad and publish. You are ready to go!

This is one of the most user-friendly advertising options because you don’t have to create a new ad template or think about what you want to say. Simply use the existing content that you are promoting on your Google+ page and see what type of content users are most likely to respond to. This gives you the ability to experiment and make minor changes, such as with image color or type, to see what will inspire viewers to act. You can also combine your +Post Ads with Facebook Ads for maximum impact. An example is installing a Facebook conversional pixel onto the website page that you are directing viewers of your Google marketing ads to. Local SEO Sites can help you with all of your Google marketing and social media campaigns so call today to see how +Post Ads can go to work for you.