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Why do I need to sign up for 12 months?

We want our customers to be successful.  The Local SEO packages are designed for long term growth.  It takes time and dedicate effort to increase your search rankings.  By using our services for 12 months you will receive the maximum results, attract new customers, and benefit from our continuous marketing updates. During this time we will continue to update your profile and the directories to ensure you show up quickly in search results.

What happens when my 12 month agreement is over?

You can continue to use Local SEO on a month to month basis or sign up for another 12 months at a discounted rate.

When will I be on the first page of Google?

The Local SEO Sites Professional Plus package guarantees results within 120 days.  In that short time frame your company will be on page one of your local Google Maps. For faster results we offer an immediate impact program.

How can I show up on the front page faster?

Ask clients to write reviews on your Google+ page.  This can help your website to be ranked higher, faster.  You can also shorten the time frame by providing us with requested marketing material quickly.  This will help our web specialist to optimize your web presence faster.

Why do I need this service when I had my website created by a web designer?

Your website is the equivalent of leasing a retail space.  It creates an area where you can interact with customers and sell them goods and services. In order to speak with customers they have to visit your location.  SEO helps people doing local online searches to find your business so that they have the opportunity to interact with you.  Just like you would put a sign up at your store front and send out flyers, SEO announces that you are open for business by making it easy for people to find you.

Local SEO Sites uses the latest search engine optimization techniques and marketing strategies. Our experts are dedicated to marketing your business online and ensuring you get the best ranking possible.  We increase your exposure though local directories, search engine quires and social media sites.

What is a certified Google partner?

Google has specific training programs and exams that they give out to interested parties.  They will designate certain companies as Google Certified Partners after they have passed Google’s Partner exam and have the qualifications needed to join the Google Partner Program. This typically includes minimum campaign volumes to demonstrate experience.  Our Google Certified AdWords experts have the skills necessary for effectively managing  paid search campaigns of all sizes to maximize ROI.

Why do you charge a monthly fee instead of a one time fee?

Improving your SEO takes continued effort.  If you took steps in months one through three than stopped doing anything, another more active company could take your place.  Effective SEO requires constant management to ensure ongoing results.  This ongoing program requires monthly modifications, updates, and oversight to ensure the quality of your search results.

How do I calculate my ROI?

Results will vary based on where you are located and the customer saturation for your industry.  You will get a monthly analytic report from Local SEO Sites to help you quantify the results we are getting you. You can better monitor your ROI by combining our reporting with a call tracking service. This will allow you to monitor and track each call you receive to determine which ad or online platform it came from, allowing you to get the most from our service.

What’s the difference between PPC and SEO?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an excellent way to attract new customers.  It is also expensive, requiring you to bid against other companies and pay for your ad to appear.  Some companies pay up to $35 per click, depending on how competitive the industry is.  Local SEO focusses on your organic listing (when your business comes up naturally in a search result).  When you come up in an organic search customers can visit your site hundreds of times without you paying a dime on AdWords. You can have unlimited clicks forever at a low, set cost per month for SEO optimization.

I have done SEO in the past so how is this different?

Most companies, or individuals, that say they can help with your SEO are not a Google Certified Partner.  This certification means Local SEO Sites understands Google best practices and how to deliver results for clients. We are a trusted SMB marketing specialist and have many satisfied clients that are currently growing their business from the front page of a Google search.