Give Your Clients Options You Want Them to Buy

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Give Your Clients Options You Want Them to Buy


If you want to increase your online sales, spend time revamping your pricing pages and promotional offers as part of your small business marketing strategy. There have been numerous studies to find out why people tend to make purchasing decision with everything from colors to pricing structure being evaluated.

There is a clear psychology behind why we buy what we do and with that in mind, here is what you need to know:

Give them options. It is wise to present two or three options on your pricing page and when you do, direct consumers to the option you want them to pick. An e-commerce strategy you can implement is to provide two options with the one you want them to select first. Statistically, that’s what they will buy. If you provide three options, you should make the third choice a combination of the first two so that it is the clear winner. You can generate more revenue this way while bolstering your online sales numbers.

Clear presentation. Do your best to avoid information overload when creating your small business marketing plan. The information you present and how you present it will determine whether a consumer can quickly make a buying decision or will be confused and move on. Remember, in online sales people often make a decision in a moment so be sure to convey visually what they need to know. While content is essential for SEO and getting them to your website, good graphics can be essential for improving online sales.

Scarcity. Your small business marketing plan should always incorporate the principal of scarcity to some degree. This gives consumers a reason to make a purchase and do so before the offer expires, or you run out of the product. An example of this is a limited discount or the e-commerce tactic of offering something additional for free, to a specific number of buyers. You can easily build these types of promotions into your banners and onsite graphics while having your web developer build a code in your shopping cart that makes the promotion automatically expire.

Don’t miss out! Use content and messaging to encourage consumers to act before they could potentially miss out on your offer. This is easy to do with e-commerce since you can make changes to your content or promotions at any time. Leverage seasonality and holidays to create urgency around buying or booking immediately. For example, “Rooms are booking fast so don’t miss out on the spring break of a lifetime!”.

Discounts. If you want consumers to buy a specific package, present all of them and offer a discount on that package only. It can even be a limited-time discount so that your revenue will eventually go up while your online sales are boosted immediately.

E-commerce provides an exciting opportunity for business owners and marketing teams with an imagination. Unlike print collateral that cannot be changed once it is out there, your website and AdWords campaigns can change whenever you feel like it. This gives you a ton of opportunity to adjust your pricing pages and promotions in order to increase online sales. If, for example, you see that something is working – focus on it. If consumers aren’t responding to your offer, change the wording from “50% off” to “Buy One Get One Free” and see if your sales go up.

We encourage you to flex your creative muscles with your small business marketing plan and if you want help – we can handle your website build and online marketing for you.