Small Business Marketing is Big Business for Corporations

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Small Business Marketing is Big Business for Corporations

Small business marketing is rapidly growing as local companies capture more market share through innovative tactics and paid placement advertising. According to the SBA there are over 23 million small businesses in the United States generating over 55% of all US jobs and accounts for 40% of retail sales. With numbers like these, small businesses are a driving force in the US economy and they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Pro-Small Business campaigns are popping up everywhere and large corporations look to partner with and promote small businesses in the community. With the development of Google+ and other local SEO trends, large corporations need to partner with local companies in order to capture some of the business heading their way.

American Express has been focused on small business for years and continues to develop new ways to promote the little guy. Their American Express Open is more than a card, it is a community with resources available to help business owners and entrepreneurs succeed. Since 2010 they have held an annual event for small business owners which has attracted publicity and created a partnership between the financial giant and small businesses throughout the US.

Many other large corporations support small business through a supplier diversity program. Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Kroger and other have programs in place that make it easier for small and minority owned businesses to work with them. They have staff that are completely dedicated to the program and supporting the small businesses that work with or sell to the organization.

This December several large corporations promoted small business through giveaways and promotions. UPS handed out gift cards to business shoppers in cities throughout the country. Local UPS store owners participated in the campaign, directly interacting with business owners and reminding them that they are locally owned. FedEx partnered with American Express to give away a total of 40,000, $25 gift cards to small business shoppers in drawings. These events and specials are a way for larger companies to show that they care about, and support businesses in the communities they operate in. By reaching out to small businesses they hope to solidify those relationships in the community.

Google Promotes Small Businesses

Google participated in the small business special by offering special Ad-Words promotions. Paid Placement Advertising has been extremely effective for small businesses looking to expose their products and services to the millions of people searching the net every day. With small advertising budgets many companies have been afraid to spend money, not knowing how effective it will be. This promotion gives companies twice as much for their money so it is a fantastic time to start a Paid Placement Advertising campaign, or double down on an existing one. Google is giving two-for-one deals on Ad-Words Express. Businesses can use this opportunity to stretch their marketing dollars and drive sales in the post holiday season. Local SEO is more than a trend, it is a movement that every business owner should participate in. As buyers continue to spend their dollars in the local community small businesses have an opportunity to capture and grow market share at unprecedented levels.

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