Effective Hashtags Create Efficient Social Media Marketing

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Effective Hashtags Create Efficient Social Media Marketing

Hashtags are an important component for making your social media marketing effective. For those unfamiliar with hashtags they are the # placed in front of a word on people’s tweets. For example “read this blog post #LocalSEO”. Hashtags are used on Twitter to narrow search results by indicating what the main topics of your tweet are.

Here is how to use a #hashtag:
Promote Your Business – Create a #hashtag in front of your business name when you are tweeting something. For example “new chocolate ice cream flavor at #MainStreetCream”. Every time you mention your business put a #hashtag in front of it. When people search for your business name on Twitter everything with that hashtag will come up.

Location – Expose your business to people within your local community by adding your location. For example #SantaBarbara or #MainStreet #Jonesville. When people type the city or area into a Twitter search your tweets will come up. This is important for Local SEO as it exposes you to people i n your community.

Topics – Become the topic expert by tweeting about what you know best. As an accountant it could be #taxes or #savemoney. Pick your ideal topic and start tweeting.

Be Unique – Don’t get lost in the crowd. Select unique hashtags to identify you as a company while using generic area locators to connect you with people in your town.

Specify – If you are using hashtags for a specific event or webinar use a code to make it longer, just like you would in a promotion. For example #SalesToolsLearning

Easy to Remember – Your hashtag should make sense to the reader. Select something that they can remember so that you will get repeat searches.

Other Social Media – Hashtags were started on Twitter but other social media platforms have started adopting them as a way to organize content. Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn have started using them so your hashtag can now get more exposure on other channels.

Search – See who else is using your hashtag before you commit to using it. When someone types it in , their information will also show up.

Multiple Tags – Use more than one hashtag when necessary to organize your topic. Remember people use these as a method of searching for information on specific topics.

Use hashtags as part of your social media strategy to effectively engage consumers, promote your brand, and connect with people in your community.

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