Most Consumers Search Online Before Engaging

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Most Consumers Search Online Before Engaging

Make sure that your social media and email marketing campaigns are working with your SEO and not against it. When you launch a marketing campaign, it is important to consider what people will remember. For example, if you send out an email newsletter people may not remember what your company name is but they will remember what you talked about.

According to an iProspect study, 67 percent of online users will conduct a web search based on what they saw. Your website needs to be optimized for these search terms so that you have a better chance of coming up in their local search. This requires foresight and working with a web development team that can make adjustments to your site as your marketing campaigns change.

When planning your email marketing campaign, speak with your web developer about where you want to send users. For example, do you want to direct them to a specific landing page or will they be going to your main website? Remember that a lot of people won’t necessarily click through to your site immediately but may do a search after the fact. Regardless of where you are directing them, make sure that the page is optimized with the keywords that you used in your email. According to Circle Research, email marketing is one of the most effective lead generation tools, making it important to sync it with your SEO efforts.

Social Media and Your Website

In a recent report by Shoutly, 90 percent of social media users said they would be more likely to buy a product that was recommended by someone they followed. As a business, if you have been reviewed or talked about by an influential person or brand, include that review on your website and include those keywords in your SEO strategy. This will improve your organic marketing because if they have a lot of followers someone may type in a search for “influencers name” and “product name”. By linking the two together, you increase your opportunity to come up in the search.

Organic marketing works the best when people are talking about you, your brand, and something that you are doing. As a local business, consider what people will talk about on social media. As an example, are you planning on running a promotion or discount for the holidays? If so people may talk about a 15 percent off coupon at “your store name” or on the particular item you are discounting. You should make the coupon easy to share on social media and make sure that your website is optimized with that image and those keywords. You need to use every combination of keywords that a user may type in when conducting their search to make sure that you show up.

The important thing to remember is that you need to make sure that your website is synced with your other marketing efforts. The taglines you are using, product you are promoting, and keywords that people remember need to be incorporated into your site. If they do a search without your business name, you want to come up. Otherwise, your marketing efforts could send users to your competition.