Finding Quality Over Quantity on Facebook

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Finding Quality Over Quantity on Facebook

With Facebook marketing quality is far more important than quantity. You could post every hour but if you aren’t posting things that interest your target customer, you won’t have the results that you are looking for. This is important because user engagement directly impacts how many people are able to see your posts so the more likes, comments, and shares you get, the better it will be for your organic marketing on social media.

There are several things you can do to make sure that your Facebook marketing efforts are more effective. These 5 tips will improve the quality of your posts.

5 Ways to Improve Your FB Marketing

Timing. In social media, timing is everything. You need to post when your fans are online so that they will see your content instead of it getting buried in the news feed. This information is available in the analytics tab of your company Facebook page. You will be able to see when your fans are on Facebook and schedule your posts accordingly.

Create a customer profile. In order for your social media and organic marketing to produce results, you need to know what your target customer looks like and create a plan for going after them. For example, if your target customer is in their twenties, but everyone that likes your page is in their forties, you will need to change your social media strategy in order to attract a younger crowd.

What do you fans care about? You need to find out what would motivate your fans to interact with you. For example, if you own a restaurant are your fans passionate about farm fresh ingredients or do they visit you for the fun atmosphere? The images and text that you post as part of your Facebook marketing strategy need to be in line with what your customers are passionate about. You can get an idea by looking at your analytics to determine what posts get the most likes and shares. Adjusting your strategy accordingly will help to improve your organic marketing.

Where do they go for information? When planning your social media strategy, conduct research on where your target customer goes for information. This will give you an idea of what they are looking for. You can find out by doing a graph search on Facebook or conducting a hashtag search. Once you have this information, become present on that platform. For example, you could write a guest blog post, comment on their page and tag the publication in your posts. This way they will view you as a source of the information they need and be more likely to share your posts or become your fans.

Find influencers. Once you have created your customer profile, know what they care about, and where they go for information, you can identify the companies and people that influence them. Follow influencers, mention them in posts, and pay attention to what they are sharing. You can find them by doing a hashtag search based on the topics your fans are excited about.

By making simple changes to your Facebook marketing strategy you can see better results with your organic marketing overall. These same principals can be applied across multiple platforms and by making small adjustments to your social media activities you can engage more customers.