Videos Can Make Google+ Work for Your Business

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Videos Can Make Google+ Work for Your Business

Google+ is a phenomenal social media platform that needs to be part of your overall Google marketing strategy. There are many ways to use it including attracting consumer reviews, publish content, and connecting with other users and fans.

Some Google+ Features You Should Use

Below are a few features we think you should use to promote your business on G+.

YouTube Integration

This is an easy way to promote your YouTube videos. The integration works very well because every time you publish a video you can share it on Google+ and the comments people make there will be transferred to your YouTube channel. Additionally, users can easily share your video on their profile page with one click. Since Google+ will often see more interaction than YouTube, this is an excellent feature.

Embedded Posts and Blog Integration

Google+ has a feature that allows you to share the content from your social media profile onto your blog. By embedding the content onto your blog it will extend the life of that information. If anyone that is viewing your blog is signed into Google they will be able to see the +1s, comments, and shares.

Define Your Audience

Google+ allows you to place people within circles. This enables you to define your audience and make sure that you are sharing the right content with the right people. When distributing content you can control who gets to see it. This is an excellent way to target certain people or prospects with information that may be relevant to them while not boring them with information they would find irrelevant. When defining your Google marketing strategy, consider which audiences you are attempting to reach.

Google+ Post Ads

This is similar to how you can pay for a promoted post on Facebook. You can create post ads on Google+ that can be seen by thousands of viewers. Many large brands are using this to increase engagement. Make sure that your posts are interesting and include either an image or a video so that you can gain the most traction from your paid ad. The ads are extremely interactive as Google allows users to join your hangout, comment, follow your brand, or give it a +1 from directly within your ad.

Google+ Auto Awesome

This is a new and exciting feature that lets you create animated videos with photos, videos or both. In order to use this feature you need to download the Google+ app for your smart phone and start shooting. Make sure your camera settings are on “Auto Backup – Auto Awesome – and Auto Enhance”. After you are done taking pictures upload them to Google+ and it will automatically make your video.

Google+ is not only a social media platform. It is also a necessary part of your overall Google marketing strategy because the reviews that people post on your profile will show up in a Google search. It can also provide you with direct SEO benefit. Create your profile today and make sure to upload dynamic images and completely fill out your profile in order to gain the most exposure and traction.