Offer Customers Easy Interaction with Facebook Apps

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Offer Customers Easy Interaction with Facebook Apps

Now you can increase your customer interactions on Facebook by making it easy for fans to connect with you using Facebook apps. A Facebook app can provide additional details, promotions, event information, customer service contacts and more to your Facebook fans. This encourages people to become a fan by delivering clear value for doing so. The fangate method blocks certain content from non-fans that visit your Facebook page, encouraging likes. You can also make your Facebook app available to everyone, thereby making your page user friendly and information rich for people that are new to your brand.

Ways to Interact through Facebook Apps

Reservation Tool – Your app can be used for customers to make reservations. As a salon owner, restaurant, dentist etc. a reservation app enables fans to connect with you immediately and easily without ever leaving Facebook. You can even include a map feature to help new customers find you.

Offer Rewards – Your Facebook app can provide fans with rewards no one else gets. For example you can upload special coupons, buy one get one free offers, sell advance tickets and more. Offering rewards makes being your fan a thing of value and will encourage people to visit your page on a regular basis.

Newsletter Sign Up – Email newsletters are still an effective way to communicate with your customers and prospects. You can create a newsletter sign up through a Facebook app. Entice people to sign up by offering a preview of information on your page with further details available through your newsletter.

Reviews – Your Facebook app can be a place for people to write testimonials and reviews. This can provide valuable feedback on how your company can improve while showing prospects how amazing you are.

Customer Service – This is a big one! A Facebook app can connect people directly to your customer service team. Providing quick and easy ways for people to interact with customer support can prevent angry customers from escalating their complaints. This is a also a great solution for tech based companies that receive frequent troubleshooting questions. Your app can connect fans with the right person internally to handle their questions.

Seasonal Apps – You can have a seasonal app on Facebook that promotes special events and activities. This is a fantastic solution for companies that see an increase in customer interaction at certain times of the year. Companies that host events can use this type of Facebook app to promote participation leading up to the big day.

Facebook offers your customers, fans, and prospects the opportunity to learn more about your business and interact with you on a social and personal level. It provides you the opportunity to move from being an organization to a company with a personality. By becoming a part of your fans lives, you build brand loyalty and create customer acquisition opportunities. Facebook apps create reasons for fans to visit your page and continue interacting with you on a regular basis. Get started today and continue growing your brand.

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