Get More Clicks from Your Organic Search Results

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Get More Clicks from Your Organic Search Results

You can improve your organic marketing, and therefore Google marketing, with some simple SEO best practices. As a business owner, you understand your business and the industry better than anyone else. This special knowledge will help you with your online marketing efforts because you understand how your consumers think, what they are searching for, and what words they use when conducting that search. By combining that knowledge with our best practices, you can improve your overall search results. Doing so is extremely important as 83 percent of clicks go to the first four listings on search results.

SEO Best Practices You Can Incorporate Immediately

Develop information based content. This will appeal to the Google Hummingbird algorithm and make improve your organic marketing. Think about the different questions your customers ask you and strive to answer them in blog posts and an FAQ page. Don’t sound too formal. Instead use the same language that you use when speaking with your customers.

Improve your title tags. Perfect the title of your webpage since the title can directly impact your click through ratio, especially with your paid Google marketing. The title should include your keyword towards the beginning. Keep it under 45 characters so that Google won’t truncate it. Make your title interesting to your target market without removing the keyword. Consider what capture the attention of your customers in real life and use that same language online.

Add meta descriptions. It is important to have meta descriptions on all of your pages, especially the important ones. The meta descriptions are short, typically 140 to 154 characters and the entire description will show up in a search result. This will also help to improve your Google marketing by letting the search engine know what a particular page offers consumers. Include a call to action to make it more interesting and prompt action.

Use schema markups and rich snippets. Schema is a coding language that was developed to tell search engines what a piece of content, image, or web page is all about. It can be difficult for a search engine to tell the difference between a webpage talking about snow (the white powdery stuff) and snow (as in Snow White). Schema will tell the search engines what they are looking at so that the information on your site will come up in Google marketing and organic marketing results faster. Search engines display information they think will be useful to the user. Rich snippets present information in a way that is easy to read and understand which is why over 36 percent of Google search results include rich snippets.

These SEO best practices are some of the ways you can improve your organic marketing. Start by thinking of your customer, how they communicate, their word choice, and behaviors. Translate what you have learned in person to the online world, and you will see your Google marketing improve greatly.