Good Habits You Should Have on Each Major Social Network

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Good Habits You Should Have on Each Major Social Network

When writing a blog post, creating a video, or even an Infographic, it is important that you publish your content throughout various social media channels to ensure that it is seen by the widest possible audience. While Facebook marketing is important, you should also incorporate Google marketing, Instagram marketing, and Twitter marketing into your overall social media plan since people tend to prefer various mediums.

Social Media Tips

Instagram Marketing. You should use Instagram to promote your new blog post, but need to do so in a visual way. One option is to take a quote from your post and create an image with it then post online. When you post onto Instagram, you can automatically publish it on Facebook, so this kills two birds with one stone. Instagram is more popular with people in their teens, twenties and thirties so keep in mind that your image needs to appeal to a younger crowd.

Pinterest Marketing. More middle aged people use Pinterest so take a similar concept as Instagram but change the image or quote to what you feel will work for an older crowd. A lot of people are using Pinterest as a search tool now so if your post contains any tips or ideas for how to do something, make sure to list that in your description when pinning your image.

Facebook Marketing. After writing your post, share it on Facebook two to three times the week after it has been written. Each time you share, make sure to do so in a different way. The first time, simply copy the URL and past it with a catchy description. The image preview will show up on your feed. If you post onto Instagram and Facebook, that will serve as an image post but be sure to add the link to your blog. Finally, post in video format. This could be you providing a short intro or an animated video. This way you are targeting the three main ways people like to receive information – text, image, and video.

Twitter Marketing. The lifecycle of tweets is far shorter than other social media platforms. As such, you should be tweeting up to ten times a day. If you do, you can tweet about your new content twice a day without an issue. Be sure to use different hashtags and phrases so that it doesn’t appear to be the same information. You can also retweet what someone said about your post.

Google Marketing. Google+ is an excellent way to share information. You can post your blog directly to your profile, and the preview will show up just like it does on Facebook. Next, go into your Google groups and share your content there. This is an excellent way to add to your circles and gain exposure.

LinkedIn Marketing. If you are targeting a more professional crowd, LinkedIn is an excellent way to do so. You can share your content on your profile and in every group that you belong to. When using LinkedIn Publisher you can choose if you want to publish a short update that can be tweeted or long form content. Experiment with both to see what gets you the most traction.

Social media provides you with the opportunity to gain exposure while engaging other users. Following these steps will help you to do so but remember that a good social media plan requires experimentation. As you post, go back later and see which ones had the most views, shares, likes, etc. This will give you a good idea of the way your audience like to receive information along with where and when they want to view it. With this information in hand, continue to adjust your strategy, perfecting it as you go.